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Your Sacred Sound

Your Beautiful Soul Song

Have you ever wondered... what does the music of my Soul sound like?

What are the messages of my soul?

~Ray~ will take you on a fabulous journey of Light and Sound as he channels your unique vibrations, frequencies, and messages from your Divine Source and then records them at his HOPE Universal Recording Studio.

You may discover your unique gifts, your unique purpose, your innate brilliance as you hear the Sound of your Soul!

Your own unique Soul Song will by recorded by remote. So you can be anywhere in the world and have your Soul Song recorded to CD and sent to you as a CD or as an MP3 via email so you can download it to your computer or ipod etc...

Over 860 Souls worldwide have had his remarkable experience and are now part of our Beloved Soul Song Family.
The following is a 7:44 minute sample inspired by the beautiful 32 minute Soul Song
Music of a wonderful Soul in our Soul Song Family

It is highly recommended to use over the ear headphones when listening.

 To Order Your Soul Song:  Your  Beautiful Soul Song send to you on 

MP3 and a Music wav.file       $350


* Small additional charge for US and international shipping if you request the physical CD otherwise there is no extra charge for your Soul Song on MP3 and wav.file download.

Once you sign up, Ray will connect with you by email to confirm your order or you may connect with him directly at
with any questions.


 ~Ray~ is an international recording artist with 11 Healing Arts CDs.
He is the owner and sound engineer of Hope Universal Recording Studio
Founder of The Healer Method, Reiki Master, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, 
Aromatherapist, co-founder of The Ultimate Gift Foundation

Read testimonies and comments by those who have experienced their Soul Song


                                                     Soul Song Testimonies

January 11th, 2018
Diana Dentinger wrote:

 "They say a picture paints a thousands words... so what about a song? I had the amazing experience to get my Soul Song done by Ray and it is so hard to put into words the beauty and intensity of listening to "me" in song form. I am a "personality expert" and intuitive "scientist" and I know myself very well on all "dimensions". How he captured every facet of who I am in the core and beyond is something that goes beyond my ability to express in words. And the intricacy of the layers of instruments. I listen to it (and dance to it as my morning ritual) at least 5 times a day. It heightens my concentration and focus. Since having my soul song, my body has "detoxed" and I feel drawn to an even purer diet. As well as I have an inner peace that I have never experienced before. I am so grateful to Ray for bein
g the channel for my soul song. Everyone needs to treat themselves to this. It changes your life. We are only energy - sound and light. His work brings pure sound into you so you remember you greatness and can shine beyond what you felt possible Thank you Ray!"

30 July 2017

Dear  Ray,

My heart is full of gratitude for the wonderful gift of my soul song. Upon my first opportunity to listen to it, I found that I did not ever want it to end. Once I completed it the first time, I started it and listened to it through a second time. There is so much joy in the music, so much love. It is warming to my heart and brought a beautiful smile to my face as I lay silently and immersed myself in the musical journey.

I appreciate you taking the time to also provide me with insight into what you explored and discovered when connecting with my soul. Reading your wisdom in itself was an enlightening experience. It really feels to me that this song is providing for me the scaffold for a new, heart centred me.

It is now a daily activity for me to listen to my Soul Song. Sometimes I really believe that my Soul Song morphs and emphasises what I need to hear at that time. Different aspects and tones are highlighted to me as I need to resonate with them. My Song always connects me with my heart centre and allows me to easily glide home to a place where love and light are always full.

My gratitude to you for this divine gift from my Soul to me is deep and everlasting.

Thank you

Dannielle Baker


March 20th, 0217

 My Soul Song is THE most wonderful gift I have ever bestowed upon my Self. It is a rare occasion to find something so very special and precious. A wonderful gift for anyone whom you love. After meditating with my Soul Ray came back with Courageous and Heroic ❤Very moving......
The very first time I heard my Soul Song I cried. It was so beautiful and it was all mine. It makes me see and feel that I AM beautiful.
Every time I listen to it evokes in me pure elation, expansion and lightness of spirit.
I become an integral part of nature on a beautiful warm and sunny day. I am at One with All That Is.
I AM a flower raising its head skywards....
I AM a butterfly softly moving from flower to flower....
I AM floating on air.....
I AM the air...
My heart and Soul dance with the fairies and nature spirits.
The experience deepens becoming ever more powerful as the notes play on ....the sun sets and day light fades....the stars now light the deep dark heavens.
The moon is rising....
I AM bathing in her luminescent radiance
Divine Love pours forth from my heart
It is intense, hauntingly beautiful and powerful beyond measure
The Angels are present and the sultry night air is heavy with the perfumes of the night
I AM powerful 
I AM omnipresent and without limits
I AM Love ❤️

With Love and Much Gratitude to you Ray

Avril R. Scotland


Dear Boyd - Ray our guiding Light of Love,

My testimony is in essence the words that I immediately sent to Ray after hearing my Soul Song. I have shared these messages with you so that one may have an understanding of what the truth ffles like when our heart is connected and aligned with our very own soul frequency through music. And the beautiful transformations that can occur from listening to it. 

  • I actually cried within the first 1 min as I heard the following words. .."you heard my soul speak" as simple as these words are. .. They are profound ♡ Gratitude
  • "I'm sitting here feeling very odd lol.. such an intense soul song even knowing this is my own one. Wow. . The feeling is being centered and very grounded. . I'm actually at a loss for words to describe the intensity within me.
  • In fact I'm positive that the song is actually changing. .. I've listened every day except today. . Lol. . Wondered what was missing. I'm loving the wonderful impact this is having on my life. .. my healing abilities have also improved greatly. . So thank you. Bless Anna ♡  
  • With my Intuitive Energy Healing work, I have noticed an immense depth of feeling the vibrations of energy flowing within myself and my client's even more, it's beautiful to sense this so much more than I already felt it. The impact it is having on my client's is more immediate too. So thank you again. I have so much gratitude for this moment.

Love and Gratitude,
Anna E, New Zealand xx

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