Anah Maa

Your Sacred Sound

Your Sacred Sound 

Have you ever wondered... what does the music of my Soul sound like?

What are the messages of my soul?

~Ray~ will take you on a fabulous journey of Light and Sound as he channels your unique vibrations, frequencies, and messages from your Divine Source and then records them at his HOPE Universal Recording Studio.

You may discover your unique gifts, your unique purpose, your innate brilliance as you hear the Sound of your Soul!

Your own unique Soul Song will by recorded by remote. So you can be anywhere in the world and have your Soul Song recorded to CD and sent to you as a CD or as an MP3 via email so you can download it to your computer or ipod etc...

Over 800 Souls worldwide have had his remarkable experience and are now part of our Beloved Soul Song Family.

The following is a 5 minute sample of a Soul Song. Soul Songs are usually between 25-35 minutes long.

   It is highly recommended to use over the ear headphones when listening.

 To Order Your Soul Song: Special offer, Your Soul Song normally $275

is offered for a limited time for just $225.

Dear Friend, our Soul Song studio is now closed while we travel in May and June
Please check back with us again. If you would like to join our list when we begin again please email ~Ray~ at:
  Thank you

* Small additional charge for US and international shipping if you request the physical CD otherwise there is no extra charge for your Soul Song on MP3 and wav.file download.

Once you sign up, Ray will connect with you by email to confirm your order or you may connect with him directly at
with any questions.


 ~Ray~ Soul Song Channeler and Intuitive Soul Guide
Read testimonies and comments by those who have experienced their Soul Song

Over 800 Souls world-wide have experienced the wonderful and powerful Music of their Soul.  Take your life to its next level of clarity, peace, joy and abundance with the messages and codes from Your Soul!

With infinite Love,
Anah Maa

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