Anah Maa


"My session with Anah was profound. I was able to trust her immediately with deep trauma and express the actual feelings around them, which released energy blocks from frozen trauma I had carried in my body for over 4 decades. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I would not hesitant to work with her again. She was everything I hoped she would be and more, and I have worked with countless teachers/spiritual counselors."

C. Dauphne Maples


"Anah was so generous to invite me to come over to Bali to work with her for a week.

The place where we first met was magical, energies where floating around everywhere.

I was very nervous to meet her but then she held me and let me feel welcome and at ease with her.

The second meeting we sat together for hours, we could talk without words and understand each other completely.

 I felt a lot of power with her.

Anah carries a magnificent power of love that if you would let it go through you, you will feel all kinds of beautiful things around you.

You can travel the Universe with her.

She is the person that you don’t have to be afraid of, you can become one with her.

I have also met her husband Ray, one of the most wise man I have ever met.

I know Anah will be always with me.

She has also helped me heal my animals. My horse had an illness in her leg and then she became healthy again. 

She is my soulmate.”

Love Caroline Pilarczyk

Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Since I came across Anah Maa’s work, nothing has been the same again! Week by week I was able to release so much. This came at a crucial time when I had to deal with some challenging family matters. Not only has she helped me with letting go of stuff I didn’t need anymore, but I’m now also able to receive a great deal more. Her great wisdom and gentle way of bringing it across is truly a blessing. I can recommend her with all my heart!”

Linda Jud


“I AM a Transformational Healer/Psychic. There are certain people who have cultivated high frequencies empowering them to benefit their peers. They truly operate from multiple dimensions. Anah Maa is one of those glorious beings.  In my last meeting with Anah Maa she uncovered an enabling side of me evidenced by symptoms of low energy and confusion.  She identified that I was a 'soul collector' and thus taking on the symptoms of my clients.  Through sound, gentle powerful words, and what felt like being in the hands of the Divine Mother/Father. I was not the only beneficiary of my return to clarity and energy restoration, my clients benefited as well.  And my digestive tract was no longer irritated. There doesn't seem to be any limitations to her gifts and abilities.  Don't walk to see Anah Maa, run!”

Blessings Gregory C. Joseph.


"I have traveled the world, from Brazil to New Zealand to Europe, working with many spiritual healers, but the peace and love received from Anah Maa was one of a kind. Her vibrant feminine energy restored my connection with my womanhood. She re-activated a part of me that had gotten confused in the hustle and bustle of the yang mindset society we live in. 
I feel the difference now after the work she did on my pineal gland able to live now in a space of more inner calm and to access universal energy easier to maintain my vibration high. Thank you Anah for sharing your amazing gifts."

Diana Dentinger, Italy
Inner Peace Parenting Magazine


“Visiting the Pure Besakih Mother Temple on Bali with Anah was an amazing experience. Since that day she’s been with me in my heart and in my mind.

Anah took me by the hand and showed me the key to open up the Gateway. We both were on other ends of this planet talking at Skype and we connected somewhere where our souls travelled together through the Universe and beyond, where time and space does not exist. To the Holy Temple of Light, the Divine Crystal Chamber and the Pyramid.

Tele-experiences with Anah (by phone, Skype or online) are amazing, it is something you have to experience yourself. Anyone who’s been there will tell you, no words will ever be able to describe it. It is something that will shift your beliefs forever.  

My dearly beloved Anah, you are a great teacher, a great spiritual guide, an angel on earth. “You are so fun to play with,” you always say to me. I pray that God will let us play forever.”

Michael Pilarczyk
Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and Writer 
Amsterdam, Europe


“Working with Anah has been a great blessing. She has helped me get in touch with the part of me that believes anything is possible and even more - that believes in magic. She has the most supportive, loving energy that will make you feel that it is ok to be vulnerable and open. She is gentle in her guidance but there is such a strength to her that you can't help but be inspired by it. I highly recommend her guidance!”

Katie E.


"I've been working with Anah for a few years now, and she's always spot on with her sessions. She has helped me uncover gifts in myself I didn't see or believe in prior to talking to her. She is so genuine and empathic. She understands how to minister from an open heart."



"Working with Anah has been wonderful. I highly recommend it to all who wish to evolve to the next level. Thank you Anah."

Maria B.


"I contacted Anah Maa when I felt it was a good time in my life for some shifts. From Anah I received confirmation about my own insights as well as an introduction to some new ideas that I would have never considered. I experienced her as a caring and insightful counselor and a gifted energetic healer. I believe she works from a place of love and no ego, caring only about her client's highest good. I would definitely recommend Anah Maa whether you want one or multiple sessions."



Anah is a Loving and Talented Healer

"A friend referred me to Anah for spiritual healing and guidance and that is what I got. I believe she is psychic, loving, and just what I need to move forward in life."

Mike M.

Middletown, CT

"My session with Anah Maa was exactly what I needed. I am eternally grateful for her gift and love. To put into words the levels and layers of healing that were addressed is not possible. She opened me up to me. Imagine having layers or veils of illusionary fear blocking you. And an angel of light removing them and holding a mirror up to show you and remind you of your own light and purpose. Thank you Anah Maa! Daily I witness the lightness of freedom once again!!! I'm doing the work!!!! "

Amy St. Michael

Eden Prairie, MN


"Anah Maa was my last resort in finding a way to pull myself out of the despair of being a victim of narcissistic abuse. In one session she did more for me than the several therapists and varying healing modalities that I have tried in the past 2 1/2 years. It was an amazing first session. Anah Maa is a naturally gifted healer with amazing intuitive clarity. After our first spiritual healing session, I felt calm and hopeful, and I plan on follow-up sessions until my issues are resolved."

Deborah H.

Tel Aviv, Israel


"Hi my name is Vera from Sydney Australia, I participated in Anah Maa’s teleseminar about  5 months ago and all I can say is WOW!! What a beautiful and connected soul is Anah.

I was able to listen to the seminars that had been recorded if the time did not fit in and  I love that I was able to participate from the comfort of my lounge room….

The seminars have impacted and transformed my life greatly, they have opened up another aspect of my own personal spiritual growth and taken me to a new level.

So thank you beautiful Anah."

With love and gratitude. Vera
Sidney, Australia


"I signed up for Anah's  series of 7 tele- experientials with the desire to know my inner self
better and to become more of who I AM and not who I had been taught to believe I was - 
to keep working to be the Best Person I could be and know and accomplish what it was I 
came here to do.

Oh I got much much more than that !! The amazing vibrating energy that Anah beams to us 
from her magnificent heart,  is more than enough to lift us ALL up !  lifting us up and into such 
sensational lofty places where we all belong.... healing, cleansing and raising vibrations to the point of connecting to parts of myself that even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined. 
Each session found me spell bound with the knowledge, information and beautiful high voltage 
energy which I received. Anah is able to speak straight to the heart and I was gifted with a most magnificent treasure just by being part of the series."

Juanita Hall


"The tears needed to flow for I have been in a place of not allowing things to come to me (success, recognition, good times). I had been in place of overwhelm and frustration because of not allowing myself more moments to be in joy and play. My session with you validated my own thoughts of needing to add more spunk into my life. "

Adonya W.


"Anah Maa is an outstanding mentor. She provides the counseling, insight, and support to better understand yourself and where you are headed in this lifetime. I felt an immediate connection with her and trusted her. This is unusual seeing that I had never met her before the phone call. I value Anah Maa and her work and will most definitely work with her again."


Birmingham, Alabama


"Anah helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  Her approach is so non-judgmental, accepting and carries the deepest vibration of love.  Her insight and compassion is incredible.  In my work with Anah she brought me some truths about the abusive patterns I was running in my life that completely shifted my reality.  My experience of Anah is one of a "Divine Mother" who holds all her beloved children in a space of love and compassion.  I highly recommend her to all."

Singer/Songwriter/Spiritual Counselor


"She gave me something no one in this world could give me at this death sentence. Not my family, not my girlfriends, or even a good man could give me what she gave me. She gave hope that i can survive this, although i am in a horrible emotional pain been this my first session with her. I felt better than i was before i even spoke to her. I thought my life was over but Anah Maa gave me hope. I am working on this and she my Angel sent to me by God. I am scare but i have hope."

Nigeria, Africa


"I met Anah Maa almost 10 years ago.  Since that time she has taught me 

the Master's Level in Reiki healing.  I know Anah to be of love,
understanding, and integrity.  She is truly in service to humanity.  She
has shown me acceptance and unconditional love.  Being in her presence
is like basking in the light of God.  I am eternally grateful for the
guidance she has given me at times when I really needed it.  I am
honored and blessed to have her in my life.  I would trust her to guide
me in any part of my life."

Amy Knox

Reiki Master, Healer




“My intuition told me to choose Anah Maa’s package over some of my other favorite presenters - and I am very glad I did!

This program/package was so much more than I expected it to be!! This is true vibrational healing. I could immediately feel the effects at the core of my being, and they only got stronger as the program unfolded. And she is there with you - kind, wise and supportive - guiding you through the whole process. I highly recommend her for anyone who takes their spiritual awakening and their healing journey seriously. This is the real deal!”



“My first Activation experience with Anah was profoundly felt and experienced at the Soul Level.  Her healing voice is amazing...and her gifts as a vibrational healer are equally amazing.  She is truly one-of-a-kind... and during her meditative processes... she will guide you through a process that will help you connect with your Soul to activate the keys to your Ascension.  In one of her meditative processes, I received a download to create a meditative symbol that would assist me in connecting to my Shadow Self...who, I abandoned aspects of, many years ago instead of embracing them...I am truly grateful.  Thank you, Anah!
P.S. I have attached a copy of the symbol I created...during one of the activations
you guided us through!  You are a Beautiful Soul!  Thank you, Again!”

Richard Salcido
El Paso, Texas


“I'm Jane Sumonod, a Filipina online worker from Manila. It was my boss, a spiritual healer himself, who advised me to attend Miss Anah Maa's 7 week- series of Sacred Activation telemeetings/teleseminars where we met online for 7 consecutive weeks. I'm so glad he did because through him, I had the opportunity to listen as Miss Anah Maa guided us into what is called 7 weeks of Sacred Activations. I learned a lot of things in different areas of spirituality which somewhat awakened and gave me daylight of what does spirituality truly means.

I was thankful that recorded copies of the live teleseminar have also been made available for us since it helped me go back to the mp3's and listen again for those parts I thought I haven't completely understood during the first time I heard them. Furthermore, I was able to open my mind in a new kind of spiritual path, the series liberated me from the cliches of religions, freed me from some guilt and resentment I had since childhood. All in all, the series enhanced my way of thinking. I was able to finally deal with some of the biggest scars of my life, I was able to let go of those bound negative emotions which kept me from moving forward.


I would like to thank Miss Anah for the kindness, love and light she shared to us.”

Jane Sumonod

Manila, Philippines


"No matter what our age, background or where we live each of us needs the kind nudge at times to remember things we have learned but have temporally forgotten  for one reason or another. Anah has great insight and depth and I find her words very inspirational. 

Activations three and five really spoke to me.  I spent two years of intense training releasing past Karma, but life has a way of sucking us back into the old Karmic ruts.  At this point in time I needed that gentle reminder to keep my awareness of focus on the cleansing I had already achieved and not let life let me drift back into that space of darkness. 

From the fifth activation the reminder was of the creation of sacred space.  For years, I did the daily ritual of opening sacred space, but once again life got busy and many of us tend to stop doing these important things. We are here to be that point of light for those that have not yet awakened.  Thank you Anah for your beautiful soul that helps us regain our balance and re-connects our consciousness with the divine." 

Many blessings, 
Clermont, Iowa

"Dear Anah,

Thank You for your kind and compassionate wisdom.  In times of challenge and great difficulty, your insights and guidance has given me a source of support and strength.  The tools you have passed on continue to be effective resources for further growth.  Your authentic presence and unconditional love sourced from your experience gives one a feeling of connection and safety. 

 Experiencing you and your work  has touched the bottom of my heart, healed my mind in the darkest days of my soul's journey and uplifted my spirit to heal separation.  

What you offer is a gift beyond reward... a part of yourself that is priceless. 

I hope there is a way you can reach more people as what you have to offer will comfort, heal, educate and enlighten many who are confused and suffering in these times of change.  
Abundant Blessings to You"


International Recording Artist, Teacher of Ascension, Yoga, Enlightenment 



"I began working with Anah almost five years ago and have found her to be a most loving and caring person.  In fact,  I often think that Anah is not only of the light but she is the light because she is synonymous with goodness.

But Anah doesn't only personify goodness. She spreads it. When I first began my spiritual journey with Anah, I had already been working in the energy field for some years but I had questions and fears about the unknown.  Anah has been my kind mentor guiding me along the way and she has helped me grow, not only spiritually, but as a person in a very practical sense.

Our first sessions were difficult at times because there were breakthroughs to be made but with Anah's insight and her healing sessions, I learned to discard old rubbish that had burdened me and began to explore and accept new dimensions. 

Anah has led me to growth in my spiritual, emotional and psychological life.

She is well qualified to do that, for Anah walks the walk and doesn't only talk the talk.  She has traveled world wide to become the spiritual person she is and she has life long gifts that she has added to, through her own experiences and learning. 

I always feel safe with Anah for many reasons.  She exemplifies goodness and works through love;  she is always there to mentor and guide and is astute enough to understand any fears or questions or trials and makes herself available to help when needed.

It's been an honor, a privilege and a joy to have Anah as mentor and healer.  And the greatest testimonial that I can give is, perhaps, that she teaches you to stand on your own two feet in the practical and spiritual world.  She doesn't create dependence but teaches you how to spread your wings.  And that is all part of her generosity of spirit.

Since working with Anah I have lost my fear of the unknown and have found the beauty in it."

Joy P.,  Author, Equestrian



"'The Journey Home Course' has replaced my suffering world to a one of Peace, Joy, Truth and Faith.  Never before have I been able to build such a profound relationship with God. I now trust Him with 100% of my being. My world no longer consists of trying to control the outcome of everything around me. I have truly found the meaning of "Let Go; Let God". I would recommend this beautiful Journey Home to those who seek the truth of who they truly are.

Thank you Anah for the opportunity to return Home." 

Ellen F., Counselor, Life Coach, Healer



"God Bless you!

I 'm glad you got your School started. I Know the impact of your life on mine and sharing your life with the World is truly a dream come true.  My experiences of your healing and unconditional love flavored with knowledge meant so much to me. My level of acceptance and your willingness to give made the difference between continued life, and death.  That level of acceptance would have never happened if I was not loved first.

Thank you for loving me... unconditionally, Namaste!"

Karla K.



"I'm a professional writer but I can't find words enough to tell about Anah Maa. You can't catch a star, save a rainbow, or package a soft breeze. Anah Maa is as special as those lovely things. A gift to all of us, she gives love and knowledge and healing to all who seek her and she does so with total humility and grace. When I look back at the things and people and experiences that have blessed my life, Anah Maa will be among the most special of those. She's truly a Light on Earth."



"I just want to say Anah is a great teacher.  She was very thorough, patient, and professional in the studies I chose.  Knowing Anah has given me a chance to be inspired, and to feel the enthusiasm and love that she projects not only in class, but on a personal level also.  I feel blessed to have had her as a teacher."

Cecelia R.,

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Shaman

Prescott, Arizona


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