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      Welcome to The Journey Home Ascension eCourse

The Journey Home Ascension Course is a life-changing three-month Ascension Program that will help you leave the pains of your past behind and awaken your true joy and passion for life.

By healing the wounds, thoughts and limitations of your past
you can move forward in life without constant struggle, without fear, without hidden blocks and hitting dead ends.  Rather you will gain the support, the strength and the means to set your self free to live a life that is peaceful, exciting and fulfilling.

This course will help you discover and
fulfill your destiny! 

The Journey Home Ascension Course is a very powerful, spiritual way to heal your life once and for all.  With this course you will be able to heal the wounds of your past and learn how to create your most fulfilling life imaginable. 

The Journey Home Ascension Course is filled with many life-changing exercises, penetrating spiritual tools to unlock your gifts, uplifting spiritual journeys, guided meditations, visualizations, and spiritual awakenings that will help you break through walls of fear, walls of resistance so you can heal and empower your life on every level. 

Through the 3 months of this course, you will experience:

  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Healing of Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Healing of Your Subconscious Mind
  • Healing the Patterns That No Longer Serve Your Greatest Self
  • Healing Relationships
  • Healing Your Finances
  • Healing Your Relationship with Source
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Deep and Rewarding Meditations
  • Clarity About Your Life Purpose
  • An Open Door to Your Best Life
  • Spiritual Awakening
and so much more!

Here are just a few of the areas that are covered in the Journey Home Ascension Course:


  First Month - Level One:
  •  What Are We Doing Here?      
  •  The Time for Change is Here      
  •  Our Life's Stages      
  •  Your Most Important Relationship      
  •  Creating the Relationship You Desire      
  •  Creating Your Sacred Space      
  •  Your Personal Sacred Space      
  •  As a Child of God, You Have the Right

Second Month - Level Two:

  • The Soul Self and the Human/Shadow Self
  • Going Through the Dark Night of the Soul?
  • How Can I make the Most of this?
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Who is in Charge of Your Thoughts?
  • Attributes of the Soul....
  • Attributes of the Ego....
  • Healing the Subconscious Mind
  • Reprogramming Your Life for Success
  • Now It's Time to Discover Who You Are
  • Creating Your Best Life
  • Honoring Your Inner Teacher
  • There is Only One
  • The Metaphysical Myth

Third Month - Level Three:

  • Walking Your Soul's Path
  • Your Soul Full Life
  • Learning to See the Signs
  • Tools for Creating an Abundant Life
  • Love     
  • Meditation
  • Scheduling God Into Your Life
  • Life as a Walking Meditation
  • Prayer
  • A Change of Focus
  • Walking in Grace
  • Service is the Art of Giving Back
  • Welcome Home
  • "Welcome Home" CD for Healing and Enlightenment

The Journey Home Ascension is about helping you have a healthy, loving relationship with your
Spirit/God/Source/All That Is.  It's about finding the spark of the divine that is within you.  It's about taking your life and filling it with healing love, uplifting light, and empowering your soul with joy.

Even though the Journey Home Ascension Course is a spirituality-based course, it is not about a specific religion, faith or belief.  The very purpose of this course is to honor, encourage and strengthen your faith, your beliefs, your relationship with your beloved Creator. 

In fact, this course will help you take your faith to a deeper level than ever before.  And if your faith or connection with Source is in need of healing, this course will help you find the healthy dynamics that will bring you true and lasting inner peace.

The Journey Home will help you come home to the beauty of your soul
and will help you create Heaven on Earth.

What is Included in the Journey Home Course?

To ensure you receive all that you need to be free and fulfilled in life, we have designed the course to support you in all ways.  The course includes written materials, counseling, support, guidance and mentoring to take you step by step toward freedom and lasting happiness. 

Included in this life-changing course:

   * 3 - Interactive, Page-Turning, 3-D eBooks, One sent to you each Month

   * 3 - One Half Hour In-depth Counseling Sessions with Anah Maa

   * 3 - Email Counseling Sessions where you can ask 2 questions per Email

   * You will also receive the Channeled CD, "Welcome Home Child" with Message Channeled by Anah Maa and Healing Music Channeled by Boyd Sibley to help you shift energetically and spiritually awaken

   * Beautiful, Frame-ready Certificate upon Completion

All for $1444. 
This course is usually $1596 without the intensive counseling/mentoring sessions, but this is an important time of great personal and spiritual transformation... and it is your time to shine! 

 The Journey Home Course will guide you home, to your greatest destiny!

How can the Journey Home Course help me?  

We are all ascending into our greatest selves at such a rapid rate.  With the symptoms of Ascension being so great it can be a very confusing and uncomfortable time for so many.  I am offering this course of Ascension now at such an affordable amount because it is your divine birthright to receive all that you need to be free from struggle, free from the wounds that hold you back so that you can be free to have your greatest life.  Your Creator put within you a Divine Purpose and gifts that are uniquely yours that as you follow your true path, you will experience a joy and passion for life that you may have never experienced before.

Within you is a uniqueness that you are to share with this world, and the Journey Home will help you find your purpose, your passion for living, and help you celebrate your uniqueness.

Sign up today and awaken your greatest self!

How the Journey Home Ascension eCourse works:

After we receive your purchase of the Journey Home Ascension Course or your first payment, I will send you the link to download your first interactive, page-turning eBook along with an email address to use for your 3 email sessions with me.  When you're ready to schedule your first counseling session with me, just click on the "booknow" button below and schedule one or all of your phone sessions.

If you find you'll need more than 3 - 30 minute counseling sessions to help you with the life-changing work in the course, you can add additional sessions by clicking on the PayPal button below.


Journey Home Ascension Course Sessions:

Schedule your Journey Home Ascension 30 minute phone counseling session now.

Additional Journey Home Ascension eCourse Counseling Sessions:

If you have already used your three free sessions and would like to purchase additional 60 minute sessions to help you during your Ascension Course, you can purchase them here for only $400.

How to Schedule and Pay for a Session:

First, schedule the time and date you wish to have your session(s) on the GenBook Scheduler.  Next, click on our secure online PayPal button and make your payment by debit or credit card or with your own PayPal account. 

As soon as we receive the payment for your session, whether by PayPal, your session time is confirmed.  If it is one of your free sessions included with your eCourse, simply click on the "booknow" button and schedule your appointments!

Cancellations or Schedule Changes:

If you need to cancel or change your scheduled appointment, please notify me immediately.  If you cancel or change your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, there will be no refund.  If it is one of your included sessions, you will lose that session.  The only exception is if there is an emergency that keeps you from your appointed time.  In that case, you may be able to re-schedule.  Please keep in mind that my available time is limited and others may need a session earlier than they can get in.  With this in mind, please be sure to cancel or change your appointed time as soon as you can so that space is available for someone else.

Payment Options

If you would like to make payments, Anah is offering this as an option for the first time!
To make three payments of:

Your 1st investment to begin your eCourse:   $888

Your 2nd payment to be made within 30 days:  $278

Your 3rd and final payment to be made with 60 days of beginning the Journey Home Course:  $278



"The Journey Home" has replaced my suffering world to a one of Peace, Joy, Truth and Faith.  Never before have I been able to build such a profound relationship with God. I now trust Him with 100% of my being. My world no longer consists of trying to control the outcome of everything around me. I have truly found the meaning of "Let Go; Let God". I would recommend this beautiful Journey Home to those who seek the truth of who they truly are.

Thank you Anah for the opportunity to return Home." 

Ellen F., Counselor, Life Coach, Healer


"God Bless you!

I 'm glad you got your School started. I Know the impact of your life on mine and sharing your life with the World is truly a dream come true.  My experiences of your healing and unconditional love flavored with knowledge meant so much to me. My level of acceptance and your willingness to give made the difference between continued life, and death.  That level of acceptance would have never happened if I was not loved first.

Thank you for loving me ...unconditionally, Namaste!"

Karla K., Iowa

"I just want to say Anah is a great teacher.  She was very thorough, patient, and professional in the studies I chose.  Knowing Anah has given me a chance to be inspired, and to feel the enthusiasm and love that she projects not only in class, but on a personal level also.  I feel blessed to have had her as a teacher."

Cecelia R., Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Shaman



Sign up today and begin your journey to freedom and happiness!

Many Blessings for your journey,

Anah Maa

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