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               Join Anah Maa for Evergreen Tele-summits offering her Replays
                                          and Special Offer Packages

This evergreen Tele-summit features Anah Maa with host Lauen Galey with the
powerful topic: Transcending the Matrix of Illusion.  It includes a dynamic Special Offer package with over 20 MP3s and PDF of teaching, wisdom, activations, music and much more.

“Wow … as always Anah you are amazing and fabulous …. your energy and frequencies that you use to hold a space for me to step into my true self is beautiful… enlightening, warm, embracing, and empowering – gratitude and love beautiful being of light” ~ Juanita H, Australia

                     Past  Events and Tele-summits 2014-2018 with Anah Maa

These Teles-summits are highly recommended for you as they continue to offer
Guest speakers with timely themes relevant for our world and for spiritual growth 

"Beyond the Ordinary" show with host John Burgos

 "This program/package was so much more than I expected it to be!! This is true vibrational healing. I could immediately feel the effects at the core of my being, and they only got stronger as the program unfolded. And she is there with you - kind, wise and supportive - guiding you through the whole process. I highly recommend her for anyone who takes their spiritual awakening and their healing journey seriously. This is the real deal!”


Host Eram Saeed "From Heartache to Joy" 

"Your Divine Uniqueness" with host Moncef Afkir

Anah IS divine love and wisdom. I am so grateful for her guidance in helping me to see ME, blasting old paradigms and waking up to the real divinity that I am. My awakening experience is so new, unfamiliar in a way, and yet so “YES, this is home.” I now see my old self melting away from this world’s expectations that I had believed to be true, and that had imprisoned me. Anah knows the way to freedom. It’s beautiful. Thank you Anah, from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Joy L

"Awakening Heart" with hosts Turiya and Donna 

“I AM a Transformational Healer/Psychic. There certain people who have cultivated high frequencies empowering them to benefit their peers. They truly operate from multiple dimensions. Anah Maa is one of those glorious beings.  In my last meeting with Anah Maa she uncovered an enabling side of me evidenced by symptoms of low energy and confusion.  She identified that I was a 'soul collector' and thus taking on the symptoms of my clients.  Through sound, gentle powerful words, and what felt like being in the hands of the Divine Mother/Father. I was not the only beneficiary of my return to clarity and energy restoration, my clients benefited as well.  And my digestive tract was no longer irritated. There doesn't seem to be any limitations to her gifts and abilities.  Don't walk to see Anah Maa, run!”


Gregory C. Joseph

"Real Raw You" with host Jeneth Blackert

"Your Heart Speaks" with host Iola

"Unbounded Potential" with hosts Karen and Salma


"Energized Living Today" with host Cindy Kubika

"Soul Talk" Life Times Magazine with host Patty Malek


"The Longing of your Heart" show with host Betsy Shands

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