Anah Maa

Actualizing the Master

Actualizing the Master Within

4 Powerful Activations 
MP3s with Transformative Sound/Music

Removing the Barriers to Being Your Divine Self 

Allow yourself to receive the highest frequencies to delete, dissolve and transcend all the blocks that keep you from being in the Divine Flow of your Infinite Self.

In this Experiential, Anah Maa will take you through a process to Demagnetize your subconscious mind and re-inform it of your Divine Destiny so that your subconscious mind creates for you the life you Desire.

Transcendent Music by ~Ray~ will take you deep into your highest Consciousness and deep into your Divine Heart.                                

Returning Home to Your Divine Self 

It is nearly impossible to take your consciousness to the highest level of awareness when there are hidden aspects of yourself that are disconnected and unseen.  

In this Activation, we are bringing all the disowned hidden aspects of you back home, back into Love, so that you can realize your highest Divine Expression. Welcoming all aspects of you into wholeness and well-being, you can receive the gifts, the energy, the wisdom that each experience, each Divine Aspect of you has to offer! This Experiential is
a powerful journey into Wholeness. 

Music by ~Ray~ will take your into the Divine Sound as you journey Inward, into the Heart of the Beloved that is You.

Awakening the Master Within

Within you is the Divine Self, the Infinite Master.  As a Divine Expression of the Beloved Source, you already have everything within you waiting there to be uncovered, discovered, recognized and realized.

Align your body, your mind and heart with Who you really are. Awaken the Master Within...

Now is the time to Be all that you truly are. With Meditative Music by ~Ray~

Uniting with the Beloved

Within the True Self is the Infinite, the Beloved, the Absolute.

When we surrender all that we are into the pure Heart of God, life begins to make a magical turn!  All that you ever hoped for, dreamed of, wished for, can become your now moment!

Experience the presence of Beloved Source and align with The Master Within!

 Music by ~Ray~ is attuned to the heart Chakra                                                                                                                                             

Actualizing the Master Within Series  $99

A Special Limited Time Offering $88

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