Anah Maa

A Peaceful Prayer

A Peaceful Prayer 

Holy Father, Divine Mother

We thank you for the love, the light and the joy you fill us with. We thank you for our abundance, our health and for the many blessings from your grace. We are grateful for your ever gentle guiding hand in our lives.

Beloved Creator, as we give thanks for our many blessings, we know that many are without a voice, without hope. We ask in this moment that each and every being be blessed with your love and your strength. We ask you dear One to fill the belly of the hungry. We ask that you hold the hand of the frightened, comfort those who are grieving, and heal those whose bodies’ are weakened.

Divine Goddess, we ask that all children be given your tender guidance and loving protection. We ask that every family be blessed with patience and compassion. We ask that kindness be given to all of our beloved animals. Great Cosmic Sun, shine upon our Earth Mother. Help her to purify and heal her body with grace and ease. Help all of humanity see her gracious and gentle soul so that we will honor her and choose to live upon her earth in harmony, in peace.

Beloved Father, Mother, open our hearts so we may love you even more. Open our eyes so we may see You in every one we meet. Help us to see your divine beauty. Help us to know your Love. Help us to know that we too are Love, beauty and joy. Help us to look within so that we may find you there, within our heart. Awaken our creative voices so we may sing our greatest self into Being. Bless our thoughts so that we may truly know our divine purity. Show us how to be the light and the joy that is our divine nature. Help us accept that we too, are You.

My Personal Prayer

Divine Mother, Holy Father

Please make me an instrument of thy Will. Please make me an instrument of Peace. Fill my heart with pure and perfect Love so that I may leave a healing glow as I walk my journey Home.

My Beloved,

I thank you for gifts of love, compassion, joy, health, and wholeness. In each and every breath, in each and every moment, my dearest Friend, I give you all my love. May we be forever as One.

And it is so.

Many blessings,

Anah Maa
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