Anah Maa

Anchoring Your Divine Potential
7 Sacred Initiations

Are you ready to break free from the painful illusion of loneliness, separation, and fear once and for all?

Are you ready to replace struggle with joy?

Do you wish you could have more peace, more affluence, more love in your life?

Do you realize how Magnificent you truly are?

Join Anah Maa for a life-changing series of 7 Sacred Light Activations and
Sacred Sound Initiations that will awaken your beautiful Spirit!

 This Sacred Series includes 
7 MP3 Activations
for Anchoring Your Divine Potential

   This series of 7 Sacred Initiations will catapult you to a whole new frequency of Love, Light, Joy and Grace!  Allow the energy of each teaching and activation to quickly move you into a greater self-awareness than ever before.  Receive healings, clearings, activations and blessings for your life.

Activation 1:  Receiving Light and Sound Activations to Awaken Your Potential

       This initiation is vibrationally charged and activated with Grace to help you create your vibrational Sacred Space, raise your vibration, and help you hold more Light and peace than ever before.  The frequencies and keys within my voice and the tools taught will awaken your consciousness so that you can come into alignment and presence with your greatest potential.

Activation 2:  Awakening the Light Within You

   In this sacred initiation Anah will help you create your sacred space, build your light body, and release all that is hindering you from receiving the peace, joy and love you so desire.

Activation 3:  Sacred Union

  It’s time to experience that you are a beautiful Child of God and that you are deeply loved.  Sometimes layers of shame, fear, and wounds from our past keeps us from connecting with the love and joy that lie buried deep within.  Through this powerful and Sacred Journey, you will receive the energetic medicine to heal the wounds of those parts of yourself that have judged as ‘less than’ and bring in to your awareness the Divine Self so you can experience the Truth, strength and the clarity that you are Love.

advanced teachers dna strandActivation 4:  Activating Your GPS      (your God Positioning System)

  You came here in this life equipped with everything you need to awaken and realize your destiny.   Within your heart and soul is an internal GPS, your divine God Positioning System that was designed to help you find your way Home, back to Love, Peace and Joy.   In this sacred session, Anah will activate your soul’s codes through Sound and Light and align your GPS with Home so you can experience Heaven on Earth.

womanleapsActivation 5:  Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

  This Initiation will liberate your heart from debilitating self-judgment, denial and suppression, and give you the tools to create the peace and safety your heart longs for.  These sacred vibrations will create positive shifts in your thoughts, bring healing energies for your body and joyous light for your soul so you can magnetize joy and ease into your life.

Activation 6: Tapping Into Your Sacred Self

In this session we become more sacred, journeying deeper into the high vibration outcomes that are ready and waiting for you.  Your light quotient will be raised, your consciousness will be reconnected with source, and your future outlook will be forever altered for the better by these wondrous revelations.  You’ll be given powerful real world tools and guidance to break free from density and illusion once and for all.

Stairway to heaven
Activation 7: Receiving the Blessings

This is where it all comes together.  In this 7th and final session you will receive a profound experience of your divinely awakened, authentic self.  You will be launched into new worlds that vibrate perfectly with your true self, and as you begin to flow more freely and easily with your destiny; your soul brings you more joy, fulfillment and a perpetual state of bliss.  This is how you were meant to feel.

These 7 Sacred Initiations were created Live on the Sacred Island of Kauai in 2012 with Anah Maa.

If you would like to receive this Series of 7 Sacred Initiations, click here to receive All 7 Sacred Initiations for only $77, sent to you as easy to download MP3 files and begin right away!

Upon receiving your order, we will email you the MP3 download link from for an easy  way to download and save your Meditation/Activation. This may take a few hours from the time you order
depending on your Time Zone location

What others are saying...

“My intuition told me to choose Anah Maa’s package over some of my other favorite presenters - and I am very glad I did!

This program/package was so much more than I expected it to be!! This is true vibrational healing. I could immediately feel the effects at the core of my being, and they only got stronger as the program unfolded. And she is there with you - kind, wise and supportive - guiding you through the whole process. I highly recommend her for anyone who takes their spiritual awakening and their healing journey seriously. This is the real deal!”



“My first Activation experience with Anah was profoundly felt and experienced at the Soul Level.  Her healing voice is amazing...and her gifts as a vibrational healer are equally amazing.  She is truly one-of-a-kind... and during her meditative processes... she will guide you through a process that will help you connect with your Soul to activate the keys to your Ascension.  In one of her meditative processes, I received a download to create a meditative symbol that would assist me in connecting to my Shadow Self...who, I abandoned aspects of, many years ago instead of embracing them...I am truly grateful.  Thank you, Anah!
P.S. I have attached a copy of the symbol I created...during one of the activations
you guided us through!  You are a Beautiful Soul!  Thank you, Again!”

Richard Salcido
El Paso, Texas


"I AM a Transformational  Healer/Psychic. There certain people who have cultivated high frequencies empowering them to benefit their peers. They truly operate from multiple dimensions. Anah Maa is one of those glorious beings.  In my last meeting with Anah Maa she uncovered an enabling side of me evidenced by symptoms of low energy and confusion.  She identified that  I was a 'soul collector' and thus taking on the symptoms of my clients.  Through sound, gentle powerful words, and what felt like being in the hands of the Divine Mother/Father. I was not the only beneficiary of my return to clarity and energy restoration, my clients benefited as well.  And my digestive tract no was no longer irritated. There doesn't seem to be any limitations to her gifts and abilities.  Don't walk to see Anah Maa, run!"

Blessings Gregory C. Joseph.


"Hi, my name is Vera from Sydney Australia, I participated in Anah Maa’s teleseminar about  5 months ago and all I can say is WOW!! What a beautiful and connected soul is Anah.

I was able to listen to the seminars that had been recorded if the time did not fit in and  I love that I was able to participate from the comfort of my lounge room….

The seminars have impacted and transformed my life greatly, they have opened up another aspect of my own personal spiritual growth and taken me to a new level.

So thank you beautiful Anah."

With love and gratitude.
Sidney, Australia


"I signed up for Anah's  series of 7 tele- experientials with the desire to know my inner self
better and to become more of who I AM and not who I had been taught to believe I was - 
to keep working to be the Best Person I could be and know and accomplish what it was I 
came here to do.

Oh I got much much more than that !! The amazing vibrating energy that Anah beams to us 
from her magnificent heart,  is more than enough to lift us ALL up !  lifting us up and into such 
sensational lofty places where we all belong.... healing, cleansing and raising vibrations to the point of connecting to parts of myself that even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined. 
Each session found me spell bound with the knowledge, information and beautiful high voltage 
energy which I received. Anah is able to speak straight to the heart and I was gifted with a most magnificent treasure just by being part of the series."

Juanita Hall


“I'm Jane Sumonod, a Filipina online worker from Manila. It was my boss, a spiritual healer himself, who advised me to attend Miss Anah Maa's 7 week- series of Sacred Activation telemeetings/teleseminars where we met online for 7 consecutive weeks. I'm so glad he did because through him, I had the opportunity to listen as Miss Anah Maa guided us into what is called 7 weeks of Sacred Activations. I learned a lot of things in different areas of spirituality which somewhat awakened and gave me daylight of what does spirituality truly means.

I was thankful that recorded copies of the live teleseminar have also been made available for us since it helped me go back to the mp3's and listen again for those parts I thought I haven't completely understood during the first time I heard them. Furthermore, I was able to open my mind in a new kind of spiritual path, the series liberated me from the cliches of religions, freed me from some guilt and resentment I had since childhood. All in all, the series enhanced my way of thinking. I was able to finally deal with some of the biggest scars of my life, I was able to let go of those bound negative emotions which kept me from moving forward.


I would like to thank Miss Anah for the kindness, love and light she shared to us.”


Jane Sumonod

Manila, Philippines


"No matter what our age, background or where we live each of us needs the kind nudge at times to remember things we have learned but have temporally forgotten  for one reason or another. Anah has great insight and depth and I find her words very inspirational. 

Activations three and five really spoke to me.  I spent two years of intense training releasing past Karma, but life has a way of sucking us back into the old Karmic ruts.  At this point in time I needed that gentle reminder to keep my awareness of focus on the cleansing I had already achieved and not let life let me drift back into that space of darkness. 

From the fifth activation the reminder was of the creation of sacred space.  For years, I did the daily ritual of opening sacred space, but once again life got busy and many of us tend to stop doing these important things. We are here to be that point of light for those that have not yet awakened.  Thank you Anah for your beautiful soul that helps us regain our balance and re-connects our consciousness with the divine." 

Many blessings, 
Clermont, Iowa


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