Anah Maa
 The Power of Soul Transformation

7 MP3s of Live Activations with Anah Maa.    Contains full Vibrational Power!


Join Anah Maa for 7 Life-changing Sacred Activations and Teachings.

Through Sacred Sound, Love, and Energy Overlighting, Anah will take you on Marvelous Journeys to the very heartbeat of Your Soul.  Be transformed!




1st of 7 Sacred Activations:  Activating and Awakening Your Pineal

  Your Pineal Gland is the “Seat of Your Soul”.  It is the third eye.  It is the antennae for all the Universes.  It is what connects you with All Aspects of Love and Creation.

 Through water, foods, beauty products and air that contain fluoride and aluminum, your Pineal Gland becomes calcified, hardened and in effect, is thwarted from full potential.  This first activation is to begin the restoration process to the Source of Your Soul’s communications system.



2nd of 7 Sacred Activations:   

Light Body Building and Activating

Light contains Knowledge and Wisdom.  Your Light Body is the body of your Christed Self.  It contains the Library of the Great Central Sun and permeates your bones, your cells, your organs, your very breath.  You have chosen to be here on Earth during this most spectacular time of Awakening and Enlightenment to BE the living Libraries of Divine Mind, of All That Is.  Awaken the Light Channels you carry to and realize your greatest potential! 



3rd of 7 Sacred Activations: 

Your Journey Home

   Take a marvelous journey Home to your world, see who you are, meet with soul family, soul mates, friends, messengers.  Receive keys, grids of Light of Sound to help take your Sacred Earthly Mission to its Ultimate Fulfillment.






4th of 7 Sacred Activations:

Activation of Your Source Codes

Within your etheric body is your Divine Blueprint, the very fingerprint of your Aspect of Creator/Source.  Within your DNA/RNA is God/Source/Beloved waiting for you to uncover, awaken and claim.  REMEMBER  your Magnificence.






5th of 7 Sacred Activations:

What will you choose?

Your thoughts create each and every experience, each and every moment, each and every event that comes your way.  There are unlimited choices, unlimited venues for you to express your Divinity.  What will you choose?

Anah will take you on a journey of exciting possibilities to help you draw to you those essences, those vibrational patterns of Divine Perfection , those heartbeats from Source that thrill your very soul.




6th of 7 Sacred Activations:

Change Your Frequency to the New You

  Releasing all that is past, awakening that which you choose,  allowing old energies/patterns/habits to be replaced with the very experiences you choose to have and Be.

  We will be anchoring in all you desire to Be.

  It’s your time to Shine.





7th of 7 Sacred Activations:

Sacred Love, The Language of Your Soul

Merging, balancing the masculine and feminine, the shadow/the light, the sacred and the human. 

Opening your Heart to Divine Perfection. 

(It is already in you!)



 Receive all 7 Sacred Activations for $77 and be transformed!

Upon receiving your order, we will email you the MP3 download link from for an easy  way to download and save your Meditation/Activation. This may take a few hours from the time you order
depending on your Time Zone location
















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