Anah Maa

4 Sacred Activations


4 Sacred Activations with Anah Maa


5 MP3s of Live Activations (Includes one Bonus Activation!)










1st of 4 Sacred Love Activations:

Clearing the Blocks that are Hidden from You


    Did you know that 99% of all blocks are hidden?  Blocks are hiding in your DNA, hiding in your cellular memory, in your energy body.  Blocks of unexpressed emotional energy that has for too long been suppressed, repressed and denied can be keeping you from the life you’ve wanted to have. 


  In this first session with Anah Maa you will release stuck, unproductive energies that have been weighing you down and holding you back.  Through the Sacred Sound and Vibrational Healing of Anah’s voice and activations, lifetimes of hidden blocks begin to dissolve, helping you become freer, happier and have more vitality than ever before! 









2nd of 4 Sacred Activations:

The Power of Forgiveness


  This is not what you think it is!  For far too long forgiveness has been wielded over our heads like a blunt weapon, making you ashamed that you haven’t forgiven someone yet, making you feel weak, wrong or bad that you haven’t “let go of the past” and moved on.   Many say you must forgive to be free… but isn’t there something missing?  In this session, Anah will take you into the true meaning of forgiveness and give you the key you’ve been missing. 









3rd of 4 Sacred Activations:

Awakening Your Remembrance


 You’ve heard many times that you are a soul having a human experience, but what does that really mean?  What does that feel like?   Who are you really?


  In this session with Anah Maa, she will take you deep within to the core of your Divine Essence and unleash the life force of Love, Joy, and Infinite Grace that is your Soul! 











4th of 4 Sacred Activations:

Empowering Your Mastery


  In this session, Anah Maa will bring it altogether experientially for you to take your Soul Awakening into your daily experiences Magically and with Grace and Ease. 


Bonus Activation!


 This 5th and final MP3 is a Bonus Activation of this Sacred Series with Anah Maa.

Receive all 5 Sacred Activations for $55 and be Transformed!

Upon receiving your order, we will email you the MP3 download link from for an easy  way to download and save your Meditation/Activation. This may take a few hours from the time you order depending on your Time Zone location and uploading time. Thank you




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